The domain switch

After much procrastination I have finally made the domain switch over to All requests to the original domain are automatically redirected to the correct page on the new domain with a “301 Moved Permanently” HTTP header. This means that all search engine traffic should be preserved, and the links updated over time. This […]

A while ago I registered the domain for a few reasons: I don’t really like the hyphen in It’s a little more personal. I currently don’t own  (It’s owned by my web hosting company, although I have the option to purchase it) Currently redirects back to although I have been […]

Time-lapse tilt-shift photography

Time-lapse photography is a technique where each frame is captured at a much slower rate than it is played back.  When it is replayed everything appears to be moving faster. Tilt-shift photography is a technique of distorting the plane of focus of an image by tilting the camera lens and distorting the perspective by shifting […]

7 Day Shop

7 Day Shop have always provided good value photographic products, computer & digital accessories (and more as well). I have used them several times in the past and they have always been reliable and efficient. They have recently announced that they are no longer charging for postage in the UK. This is great news!

Connect to a Windows remote desktop using Linux

Whilst browsing I found this article of 10 tips when making the switch to Ubuntu Linux.  One of the tips is Remote desktop to a Windows desktop/server. There is a program called rdesktop that allows you to connect to a windows remote desktop sesson on an IP address (over RDP): 1rdesktop [server]:[port] The remote desktop […]

MySQL slow query log

The MySQL slow query log enables you to log all queries that take longer than a specified number of seconds to execute.  This should help identify any queries that are not performing sufficiently. All that is required is two additional lines in the MySQL configuration file “my.cnf” in the [mysqld] section. 123[mysqld] log-slow-queries = /var/log/mysql-slow.log […]