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Quickball Car Cycle Carrier Review

I recently purchased the Paddy Hopkirk (Mont Blanc) Quickball cycle carrier after reading the reviews on Amazon and the review.  This carrier requires a towbar fitted to your car and the carrier clamps to the towball. I was a little unsure about how good this rack would be but I am very pleased.  Fitting […]

Simple Cycle Storage

I recently purchased this wall mounted cycle storage to create more floor space in the garage. Fitting was a simple case of drilling 3 holes and screwing the rack to the wall. It is advertised as being able to hold three bikes, however I think this is optimistic. I use it with two full size […]

Fibre Flare Review

I have been very impressed with the Fibre Flare Light. It is a highly visible light, viewable from all around as it is has a fibre optic core. The manufacturer claims it is visible from up to 300m. I had several positive comments about it on the recent Reigate Cyclosportive, and I am certainly happy […]