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WordPress code highlighting

I finally found a code highlighting plugin for WordPress that I like; CodeColorer. This works on the server side, so there is no need for JavaScript support on the client browser. The side effect of this is that I’ve had to re-visit all my previous posts to remove all the formatting I had manually applied.


Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn – This is string I found some time back which is very useful for testing internationalization issues. I can’t remember the original source of this. Please let me know if you know!

Reading HTTP POST data using BASH

I recently needed to read the HTTP POST data using a BASH cgi script. When using BASH this way most of the HTTP variables are set as environment variables, and can be accessed simply. The exception is the HTTP POST data, this goes to the stdin stream. There were some examples of reading stdin like: […]

Outlook / Google Calendar synchronization

I’ve been using Google Calendar Sync for several weeks now and it has removed the headaches of having calendars in two places. Google Calendar Sync can be configured to do a 2-way synchronization, or a 1-way synchronization (in either direction). It is very quick to setup, and has very few options that need configuring. The […]

WordTwit WordPress Plugin Installed

I have just installed the WordTwit WordPress Plugin. This post is primarily a test to check that it is all working.

The domain switch

After much procrastination I have finally made the domain switch over to All requests to the original domain are automatically redirected to the correct page on the new domain with a “301 Moved Permanently” HTTP header. This means that all search engine traffic should be preserved, and the links updated over time. This […]

A while ago I registered the domain for a few reasons: I don’t really like the hyphen in It’s a little more personal. I currently don’t own  (It’s owned by my web hosting company, although I have the option to purchase it) Currently redirects back to although I have been […]

7 Day Shop

7 Day Shop have always provided good value photographic products, computer & digital accessories (and more as well). I have used them several times in the past and they have always been reliable and efficient. They have recently announced that they are no longer charging for postage in the UK. This is great news!

Visual Basic 6, ActiveX and Unicode

One of the older applications I support uses ActiveX controls embedded inside a web page.  These controls request data from a web server to update the information on the page without requesting the whole page again, much in the same way that AJAX is now commonly used. This has worked fine for the Latin code […]

Ikea mobile phones

Ikea has launched its own mobile phone service called Family Mobile (which piggybacks on the T-Mobile network). This is “pay as you go” service offering very competitive rates when compared to other UK providers. Basically it is a flat rate of 9p per minute whether you are calling a land line or another mobile phone, […]