Internet Explorer 6 and HTTP compression

Recently I wrote about installing mod_gzip on CentOS 5. However since then I have discovered that Internet Explorer 6 has does not support this properly, and intermittently does not load items properly! To resolve this I had to change the Apache configuration. This is the configuration that I am now using: 123456AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain […]

Ikea mobile phones

Ikea has launched its own mobile phone service called Family Mobile (which piggybacks on the T-Mobile network). This is “pay as you go” service offering very competitive rates when compared to other UK providers. Basically it is a flat rate of 9p per minute whether you are calling a land line or another mobile phone, […]

Installing PHP XCache on CentOS 5

XCache is a PHP opcode cacher, which basically means that it will cache the compiled code the first time a PHP page/script is executed thus avoiding the compilation step on subsequent executions. I used the 1.2.2. release of XCache and followed the quick guide instructions to install from source. The installation requires that the php-devel […]

Installing mod_gzip on CentOS 5

CentOS 5 is packaged with Apache 2 which is not compatible with mod_gzip. The module mod_deflate is the Apache 2 equivalent. Installing mod_deflate on CentOS 5 is a fairly simple process. The module is included in CentOS 5 and just need to be configured. The only changes required are to the Apache configuration file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. […]

Viewing Flickr as a solar system

Flickr is possibly the largest collection of public photos on the planet.  Flickr has an API which allows anyone with some programming skills to write their own programs and websites, etc using their images and data. Yesterday I came across the which allows you to view Flickr as a solar system.  You search for […]

New domain and blog!

This is the first entry on my new blog! This site is hosted by Web Hosting Buzz. So far I am impressed with the ease of configuration and installation. This WordPress installation was installed by a few simple clicks using their administration tools, saving me from downloading, installing and configuring it all myself. All I […]