TortoiseSVN Commit dialog OK grayed out

Recently I had an issue where the OK button was grayed out on the commit dialog. This was confusing. The command line client was working correctly and the repository was fine.

It turned out that I had forgotten about the property tsvn:logminsize which was set to 10.

This property defines the minimum comment size that must be entered before you can commit your changes.  This stops changes being committed without any comments.

If I had entered my comments first the OK button would have been enabled.

Hope this saves someone else some time!

2 Responses to “TortoiseSVN Commit dialog OK grayed out”

  1. I’ll add a tooltip for the disabled OK button explaining why it is disabled. I hope that will help a little bit.

  2. Thank you! Oddly enough I was having a conversation this morning about the support of open source versus commercial software. I don’t think I would have had this response with a commercial product.

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